Greencon Engineering was founded in 1986 by Aad Duyvestyn as an advisory and design office for the
horticultural industry providing design and engineering services for it's clients all over the world.

Converting challenges into solutions is what we do at Greencon Engineering.
Together with our client we analize his challenge and start working on a solution
which meets our standards being simple and effective.

In this process we make use of our experience and extensive network of specialists
who share the same filosofy of sharing knowledge to the benefit of the team and
our clients.

In our team we  have many specialists  each covering a particular field ranging from  engineering, horticulture
to art and architecture.
This combination of disciplines often leads to solutions that are surprising in functionality and simplicity.

Our strength is the open communication between all members of the team that leads to a common focus on
the solutions to be achieved.
After a solution has been found we will stay involved during realisation and implementation till the client and
we are satisfied about the result.

The area's we have concentrated our activities are mainly related to the commercial horticultural and
agricultural industry as well in landscaping/botanical garden design.


Greencon Project 2014/15 - Bayan botanical greenhouse, Bayan Palace - Kuwait                          Greenhouse structure designed by AllDesign